Creative Cardholders

Cardholder "Giraffe"


 Cardholder "Watermelon"


 Cardholder "Oranges"


 Cardholder "Landscape"


 Cardholder "Indian Fox"


 Cardholder "Feathers"


 Business card holder "Paris"


Where do we usually put all the business cards, phone numbers, hastily written down on the first piece of paper that comes across, discount cards and coupons? - Usually it goes into your wallet. But there isn't much room in your wallet for all these important things, so it's best to use a business card holder in a first place. This accessory will save you from the need to constantly search for the right phones and addresses, since everything will be in one place: neat, correct, convenient - a paradise for a perfectionist and  a business or well organized person.

A few tips before you choose


Business card holders or cardholders for debit/credit cards and business cards are presented in a  huge variety. They can be in different sizes: large - for a bag, and small, so-called pocket ones. There are strict and laconic ones, and there are bright and colorful ones. In order to make a quick choice and match it to the person, you need to know for what purposes or person this accessory will be intended:

  • for creative and fun people - who are welcoming an original design, drawings, bright colors;
  • for business and more serious ones - a stylish and austere version with an interesting design;
  • for a colleague, it is better to choose something classic, maybe with inscriptions;
  • the business card holder must be made of durable material;
  • the drawing should not fade over time;
  • there should be enough compartments for business cards inside;
  • all pockets must fit standard card sizes.

Another main point that you should consider when choosing a business card holder for yourself or for a gift is that the item should attract potential clients and become a talisman of success. 

Original accessories from Super-Dupers 

In our online store of creative gifts, you can choose and buy funny and original cardholders with all kinds of pictures and inscriptions. There are both male and female options that will suit almost any age category.

All cardholders are made of durable materials (rubberized fabric, thick cardboard), have a pattern that is resistant to sun and moisture, and decorative metal corners.

We will deliver the selected gift to any city in the USA and Europe.