Creative Belts for a Gift

Belt "Wanderer"


Belt "Jack Daniels"


Belt "Fox"


Belt "Cat"


 Belt "Raccoon"


 Belt "Planets"


 Belt "Panda in a jacket"


 Belt "Minimalism"


The belt is a versatile accessory that not only securely fixes jeans at the waist, but also complements the look overall. The original belt can be a great gift for your birthday, New Year, February 14.

Fancy belts for guys and girls

Some people replace the strap with suspenders, but not everyone likes this combination. But the belt is a classic, as it is comfortable, does its job well and perfectly complements any image:

  • business;
  • street;
  • character for parties;
  • study;
  • travel.

It can be combined not only with pants, but also with jeans, shorts, breeches, cargo, overalls, women's skirts, dresses and, of course, with a Scottish kilt.


Оригинальные ремни

The main thing is that the buckle does not stick out from under a shirt, T-shirt or blouse (it looks, at least, untidy), the belt itself does not press down, does not crack, does not open at the most inappropriate  moment and does not stretch. If the selected item meets all these requirements, you can safely buy it even for a high price, since such a thing will serve you for a very long time.

Choosing men's and women's belts for jeans as a gift

In our online store of creative gifts "Super-Dupers" you can buy unusual and original belts for jeans as a gift to a friend, girlfriend, beloved boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, wife, brother, sister or father. The whole secret of their originality lies in the buckle, which is made in the form of a smooth plate with a pattern. There are a lot of varieties of such pictures:


  • bright pictures (cats, cacti, flowers, fruits);
  • whole pictures (spring mood, whales in the sea, tropics);
  • patterns (including embroidery);
  • popular brand symbols (e.g. Jack Daniels).

For lovers of classics and strict minimalism, there is a strap with a smooth black buckle. It looks as simple as possible, but at the same time very stylish and laconic.

The belts are made of durable and pleasant to touch material (cotton), securely fastened, easily adjustable to the desired size. The buckle is covered with a glossy 3D glaze, so that it does not wear off or fade.

Your "Super-Dupers" order we will deliver to any corner of the world. Buy only stylish and high-quality gifts in our online store