Cool Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoo "World map"


Temporary tattoo "White fox"


Temporary tattoo "White Deer"


Temporary tattoo "Tenderness"


Temporary tattoo "Orchid"


Temporary tattoo "Music"


Temporary tattoo "Lotus"


Temporary tattoo "Hourglass"


Temporary tattoo "Hope"


Temporary tattoo "Do it!"


Temporary tattoos are a famous trend of the 90s, when they decorated the arms and legs of teenagers with a colorful carpet. And there was nothing strange about sticking the grinning face of Donald Duck on the shoulder or a bright butterfly right on the stomach. And surprisingly, this trend has returned and joined the fashion ranks with renewed vigor.

What are temporary tattoos today?

Temporary tattoos or tattoo-stickers have successfully blended with the demanding fashion trends of the present:

  • they are more elegant, original and interesting than their predecessors;
  • almost do not differ from real tattoos, handmade;
  • easy to apply and hold well (up to 5 days);
  • suitable not only for children, but also for adults;
  • the cost of such a tattoo is hundreds of times less than the original.

And most importantly, such tattoos are not stamped somewhere in factories by hundreds of thousands, they are the author's creation. That is why you can safely use them as jewelry that will highlight the uniqueness of your style.

What are tattoo-stickers for?

Black and white tattoos on the body are, first of all, a great opportunity to imagine how this or that drawing will look on you. It makes clear whether you need it at all or whether it's all just a momentary whim, and in a year you will already regret that you have acquired such a permanent jewelry, which is not so easy to get rid of.

Another nice bonus: if you decide to arrange a thematic photoshoot, surprise your Instagram followers, or just slightly change your appearance - temporary tattoos are perfect for all these purposes.

Where can you buy temporary tattoos as a gift?

In the SuperDupers online store of creative gifts you can purchase whole sets (6 sketches on one sheet) of beautiful temporary tattoos at affordable prices and give them to anyone: your beloved girl or sister who has long dreamed of decorating their body with an elegant pattern, a child, whom you want to protect from another rash act, as well as just a creative person - a lover of beauty and art.

We have sets with images in the form of laconic geometric shapes, animals, fairy-tale characters, flowers, minerals, insects and much more.

Delivery of SuperDupers orders is carried out in all cities of the world.