Stylish Rings for a gift

Phalanx ring "Two drops"


Phalanx ring "Small ring"


Phalanx ring "Matte ring"


Phalanx ring "Match"


Phalanx ring "Loop"


Phalanx ring "Little raccoon"


Phalanx ring "Little cat"


Phalanx ring "Forged ring"


Phalanx ring "Eight"


Phalanx ring "Big raccoon"


Phalanx ring "Big cat"


Phalanx ring "2 lines"


Unusual jewelry is an “exclamation point” in your look and a cool way to show your creativity. And stylish rings are just that case when the details make their job.

Original rings: 5 the most stylish choices

Колечко с котиком

Who said that rings can only be worn at the base of a finger? Or who suddenly came up with the idea that such accessories should only be made of metal? We have no idea who these people are, but definitely not us. After all, we have "five" ideal jewelry for your fingers:

  • phalanx ring "Big Raccoon" - an accessory made of silver with an overwhelming level of affection, cutie and sweetness;
  • wooden ring "Deep Ocean" - handmade jewelry with a miniature composition - the image of the ocean;
  • phalanx ring "Match" - stylish minimalism, worthy of true connoisseurs of brevity;
  • wooden ring "Volcanic Flower" - jewelry resin and beech create a real masterpiece in miniature - a gorgeous raspberry flower;
  • wooden ring “Fields beauty”- flower fields can bloom right on your fingers - just become the happy owner of a beautiful jewelry.

Phalanx rings will be a cool way to break from stereotypes and emphasize your individuality - unobtrusively and very subtly. And wooden rings are very unique: each piece is handmade, so jewelry can be similar, but never repeat.

Unusual rings: how to get into the top ten?

Of course, we will not remind you that before you buy a ring, you need to know the size of the future owner's finger. You have already known about this, right? By the way, silver phalanx rings are more universal in this regard: they can be moved slightly higher or lower. And to get into the top ten for sure - read, or better - write down:

  • originality is everything for us, therefore, non-standard forms, colors, materials and performance will always be in trend;
  • quality - high by default, because you will be inseparable with the desired ring (or the one to whom you give it);
  • individuality is always taken into account, because accessories emphasize the character, habits and tastes of their owner.

And now - a small bonus: you can find the coolest jewelry in the SuperDupers online store. Well, you understand: the service is excellent, the assortment is awesome, delivery across the USA and Europe. Stop hesitating - go and choose!