Stylish Pendants and Necklaces


Did you know that the neck can "speak" for you? The first impression, feelings of sympathy and trust - all this appears when you look at the neck. So why not decorate it with original jewelry?

Handmade pendants and necklaces: top-7 stylish jewelry

Кулон в виде бутылочки

They evoke affection or magnetically catch the eye. Complement your look or make a bright accent. They always change something for the better. They are designer jewelry. Exclusively for you - the "seven" of the most original:

  • "Love inside" - love soars in every millimeter of air and very soon can settle on the neck in the form of a pretty decoration - a bottle with hearts and a key;
  • “Love message” - there are millions of ways to confess your love, and one of the unusual ones is to write a confession on paper and hide it in a bottle, and then - to express your feelings in the form of a beautiful pendant;
  • "Dandelions" are the very embodiment of lightness, playfulness, sincerity and a sense of flight;
  • "A bottle of tasty treats" - for everyone to start licking their lips, it is enough to become the happy owner of this cute jewelry;
  • "Winter Cherry" - knitted yarn and large red beads make your look so cozy and bright at the same time;
  • "Braid" - three colors of knitted yarn and voluminous weave make the owner special and stand out from thousands.

A cool piece of jewelry for yourself or an unusual item for a gift - are you still choosing? Or maybe buy yourself and give to your loved ones? Exactly cool decision!

Designer accessories: why you have to love it?

Designer jewelry is cool because:

  • Unusual
  • Unrepeatable
  • Inexpensive
  • A new look at familiar things
  • A little soul in every piece

Handmade products are always a creative solution for gifts, including those that are so pleasant to give to yourself. And also - it's love at first sight, happiness at first touch, originality in every centimeter and crazy attraction 24/7.

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