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Earrings "Neptune"


Earrings "Nebula"


Earrings "Nebula Pink"


Earrings "Nebula Green"


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Earrings "Moon"


Earrings "Jupiter"


Touching, cute, falling in love at first sight... No, we're not talking about cats now! Original handmade earrings are the true love, big and irrevocable. Cool jewelry for yourself or a mega stylish item for a gift - it's up to you to choose.

Handmade earrings: seven original models

Серьги с помидорками

How can you find an easier and more ingenious way to look stylish and original than wearing cool earrings? So we doubt it and we offer a hit-parade of handmade jewelry:

  • "Nebula Pink" - a whole galaxy on your ears, iridescent, mesmerizing, pearl pink;
  • "Cookies" - a cute jar of miniature cookies - not only a reason to drool, but also a stylish addition to your look;
  • "Moon" is a mysterious embodiment of laconicism, so minimalistic and beautiful;
  • "Ducks" - just imagine that charming ducks can live and calmly swim on your ears;
  • "A bottle of sweets" - in order to be known as a very appetizing and alluring person, you can simply decorate yourself with sweets - and hardly anyone can resist;
  • "Nebula Green" - yellow-green shades and "galactic" design of earrings will give you a special charm;
  • "Jars of apricots" - stock up with vitamins for the winter, and let them not only be preserved, but also continue to decorate your thoughts, clothes and even ears with bright colors.

What accessories will you emphasize your originality with?

Handmade jewelry: what's so cool?

If you still have doubts about the fact that handmade is cool, we explain it clearly. Handcrafted accessories is:

  • a piece of soul in each copy;
  • the opportunity to buy a lot of completely unique things;
  • non-standard, unusual and cool - in every detail.

All this and much mo-o-re you can find in the SuperDupers online store. Here is a real storehouse of creativity, originality and overwhelming cutieness. Everything we have is created with love.

We want to make you happy right now, so quickly order cute little things with worldwide delivery (any city in the USA and Europe)!