Original Headbands

Headband "Wreath"


Headband "Doves"


Headband "Cat ears"


Probably every girl has a headband in her personal arsenal. At least one, but it's definitely there. And it's expextedly because this accessory was and remains in trend. Only the color, width, material and design change.

5 the most unusual headbands

And we would like to pay more attention to the design.

In general, handmade jewelry is always something original and unique. Of course, and then it makes sense to do the item for several days, putting in unbearable work, while in a Chinese factory they do it in a couple of hours by pressing one button. And it's great that handmade has become much more appreciated today. So we decided to keep up with fashion and present a collection of stylish designer headbands:

  • "Dragonfly Wings" is a light, airy, transparent accessory that really resembles the wings of this beautiful insect;
  • "Wreath" - in such a stylish hoop you can feel yourself as a real ancient Greek goddess in a laurel wreath;
  • "Doves" - graceful doves have already made a cozy nest on a thin headband;
  • "Hummingbird" - the headband is made of such thin lines that you have the impression that the hummingbirds will really take off now;
  • "Cat ears" - these ears add a playful mood.

Completely eco-labeled

For those who first entered SuperDupers, we tell you that in our store you will not find products made from materials that would harm nature in any way. No leather, polyethylene, etc.

How, then, did these extravagant hair ornaments come, you ask? We have an answer: they are made using a 3D pen that draws with eco-friendly plastic (yes-yes, technology has stepped forward and now you can draw not only on paper, but also in space!). It is biodegradable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. This means that eco-plastic products can be worn even by children (over 5 years old).

Where to wear fancy unusual headbands?

It is clear that it is not always possible to put on such an extraordinary headband either in the office or at school (but who knows). But it is not designed for boring gray everyday life. Well, if you have decided that today it is worth complementing your look with this mega cool accessory, then it means that you are about to have a bright and outstanding day. So, where to put on these stylish little things:

  • for a photosession or shooting;
  • for holidays and celebrations;
  • to a stylized party;
  • for a corporate party;
  • for a romantic walk;
  • and even a shopping center.

You can buy original headbands in the SuperDupers online store. Parcels are delivered by Ukrposhta to any city in Europe and the USA.