Cool Brooches and Badges

Brooch made of felt "Sad cat"


Brooch made of felt "Hen"


Brooch made of felt "Bear"


Badge "Winter is coming"


Badge "Whiskey"


Badge "Welsh Corgi"


Badge "Watermelon"


Badge "Unicorn and coffee"


Badge "Totoro"


Badge "Toothless"


Badge "Suspicious Dog"


The badges are further proof that fashion is like a boomerang: it is bound to return. Along with patches and stickers, you can decorate all your favorite things with these cool accessories: blouses, pants, backpacks, T-shirts, caps, banana bags and even good old sneakers.

Break away to the fullest and pin one, two, or all three icons at once anywhere. And do not be afraid it will look gaudy.

Badge - a mini-feature of your image

With the help of such unusual jewelry, you can change your look and make it more fashionable at once. They easily attach to clothes and leave almost no puncture marks (unless the fabric is very dense).Деревянные значки

If you are still wondering whether such an accessory will suit you, we will give you a few more "pluses" of this idea:

  • brooches and badges are bright and original (there are a lot of different figures);
  • they are small and therefore fit any clothing, even formal;
  • you feel warmth in the soul (just like in childhood);
  • products are handmade (every millimeter is drawn by a talented hand);
  • you will not find the exact same accessory on someone else, cause it is unique.

And one more thing: such a decoration will not only make you fashionable, but can also cheer you up. Doesn't a small and very serious pug make you smile? A flying unicorn-cat? And then there are whales, cactus, raccoons, boats and much more.

Buy badges made of wood, felt or metal for a gift in the SuperDupers online store

If the birthday of a friend, girlfriend or your child is coming, and you are looking for a budget-priced gift, there is nothing to think about: it is worth buying brooches and badges and give the joy to person! Of course, it is better to buy several pieces at once, so that you can constantly change them if you wish and even create iconic compositions.

Give such accessories to people of certain professions. For example, a "glass of whiskey" can be presented to a barman or a waiter, the cutest "panda" - to an animal lover, and an "airplane" will be an excellent gift for a traveler. We will pack your gift in a beautiful box and send it to any corner of the world.