Creative Organizers for Documents


What is a document organizer?

The organizer is just getting trendy and become travelers' essential. There is a lot of people who don't even know about this genius thing. Let's figure out together what this organizing case is. The organizer is a traveler's essentials holder – tickets, passports, bank cards, business cards to name the least. If you're looking for a case to organize the documents of all your family, you're on the right page. This thing will keep all the necessary documents at hand.

A travel organizer is a multi-functional genius thing!

First of all, this travel case is so practical and comfy. Forget about all those awkward and exhausting tries to find all your documents in the depth of your bag when they are most needed. Besides all obvious functions such as ID-passport cover, passport cover, business and bank cards holder, you can only imagine what else it can keep in one place for you:

  • shopping bills;
  • plane or train tickets;
  • documents (permission, visa, certificate);
  • flash drive, memory card;
  • money.

How to present a document organizer

For instance, if it is a gift for a travel enthusiast you can add a couple of details to the organizer to make it even more on point. You know it's kind of awkward to present an empty case the same as a wallet. But you can always put something interesting and not expensive inside. It would be great if you could add plane tickets to it, but not everybody can afford it. We offer a couple of ideas on how to present the document organizer in a good way. What if you added the following:

  • cinema tickets – creative and not expensive. Especially if you are aware of movie preferences;
  • gift cards – it's always a good idea to add a certificate of a favorite store of the person you're going to present it to;
  • experience certificate – it's trendy. Don't present only items, but add some experiences like a cooking lesson, yoga class, rock climbing, etc.;
  • money – yeah, it's basic, but practical, isn't it? Just add a note "to buy a souvenir in tropics" and the gift will become even more pleasant.

Also, you can put some essential store business cards to always have the necessary contacts at hand. You can start with Super-Dupers business card, we will be happy:)

We are sure, you'll fall in love with this genius case and it'll become a good companion to every your trip. You can choose a travel organizer in "Super-Dupers" shop.  And the case can be delivered to any country within 2 weeks.