Driver License Covers

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Driver license cover "Europe"


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Where do you usually keep your vehicle documents and other driver's essential? Let us guess. Hmmm... Maybe, a bag or a purse? Basically, it's something standard for document storage. Standard but not that practical and comfortable, and maybe doesn't fit your business personality who has a lot of meetings.

Universal driver license cover will keep everything in one place

Обложки на права

Use our special smart cover to keep all driver's essential documents at hand. From the outside, it looks like an average license cover, but inside it has a lot more to offer - special pockets to place your:

  • driver license;
  • vehicle documents;
  • insurance;
  • money or other important tiny stuff - in a small pocket.

The pockets are made of matte film, and the cover is made of rubberized cloth. It is water and sun-resistant. Cover edges are protected with metallic corners. If you plan to keep a lot of documents in such a cover, better have a look at one with a clasp.

Driver license cover is a smart and practical gift

The online gift shop Super-Dupers has a lot to offer!
Besides standard covers, you can find interesting and stylish driver license wallets. It will be a great and practical gift for car owners - your colleagues, parents, friends, cousins. And don't forget to treat yourself to such a practical and stylish present.

All covers have a range of attractive designs to pick from:

  • with funny prints such as "How to find a way among houses";
  • eternal classics: flowers, ornaments, nature;
  • retro-cars;
  • photos;
  • and last but not least  - minimalism.

The driver's license cover price is reasonable. And the thing itself is so practical to store safely all necessary documents in one place.

You can order shipping across the USA, Europe, and, actually, worldwide :)