Creative Covers for Documents

Passport cover "World map"


Passport cover "Wolf"


Passport cover "Where to fly?"


Passport cover "Watermelons"


Passport cover "Volkswagen"


Passport cover "Venice"

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Passport cover "Ufo"


Passport cover "Twiggy"


Passport cover "Turtle"


Passport cover "Tropics"


Passport cover "Travel with me"
Passport cover "Traffic signs"


Every bag owner knows how hard it is to find anything in a bag, especially when it's most needed. You open the closure, put your hand inside and face the world of chaos – smartphone, keys, wallet, documents, wipes, extra socks, umbrella, lightsaber (in case of war with intruders). All these things live their own life and move back and forth inside your bag. But what if you need to urgently find something necessary like a license or ID card?

The cover protects your documents with a style

We use our documents if not on a daily basis, then very often. One needs it even to pick up the parcel from the post office. Let's agree, every document needs good, bright, and stylish protection to serve you a long time while staying in good appearance and giving good vibes to you as well.

All covers can be divided into the following types:

  • passport covers;
  • ID card covers;
  • license covers;
  • document organizers.

Every 16 y.o. a person has a passport. This document will stay with us for a lifetime if it's not stolen or lost.  Therefore, you need to take care of it, protect it from possible damage with a good cover.

Even plastic ID cards which can't be torn or get soaked as regular passport require careful maintenance. It means that one can't just take an ID card and throw it "naked" inside the bag. Because the time and environment will do their work and soon you'll see the "death" of your ID card from thousand of tiny scratches, worn spots, and dullness. So think in advance and get your ID card a good cover. Besides this cover fits bank card and driver license. Just think about it. 

Document organizers are multi-functional genius things created to keep all your travel essentials in one place. It will hold your passports, driver license, bank cards, tickets, bills, and other important documents..

The cover is a "little black dress" for your document

Surely, you can choose a monochrome cover for your passport. But the choice of covers is so big and creative. Why not choosing something that will highlight your individuality or fit your personal style and match other accessories? Go to the "Super-Dupers" catalog and see the wide variety of prints:

  • watercolor;
  • cute cats, dogs, foxes;
  • a dream bike or a car;
  • skulls;
  • delicious watermelons and pastry;
  • funny texts;
  • mandala and oriental ornaments;
  • nature;
  • cities;
  • favorite cartoon characters.

As you can see, the cover is essential for your documents. And such a gift will be always on point. Moreover, you don't need to go anywhere and search it, just enter our online gift shop "Super-Dupers". We will help you to pick a gift. Shipping across the USA and Europe.