Creative Table Planners

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Our memory is an unreliable tool for keeping track of our daily tasks. Remembering everything that needs to be done in the conditions of a frantic urban rhythm is unrealistic, and it is not necessary: ​​no need to keep everything in your brain when it is already full of things to do? There is a table planner for this: a table weekly planner in which you can write down your plans, goals, important things, dreams and even note the number of glasses of water you drink.

How table planner differs from a regular notebook


The key word here is "regular". A notebook is too mundane and boring, unless it is a creative notebook with all sorts of cool tricks inside. Planner has a detailed guide that helps you better plan your day, week, month and turns the routine planning process into a fun game.

What is inside the planner:

  • tasks for every day and a place to tick “Done!”;
  • fields for notes and goals for the week;
  • TOP-3 for priority tasks for the day;
  • a section where you can mark the amount of water you drink per day;
  • bright and fun drawings that motivate and captivate.

Outwardly, such a planner resembles a school questionnaire that almost every girl had, but this is a more adult and serious version.

Original Super-Dupers table planners

The online store of creative gifts "Super-Dupers" has collected a collection of cool planings for the most important purposes:

  • to plan the whole year;
  • per day (calculated for 50 days);
  • for planning purchases with prices.

The planner can be put on the table, and all things will be in plain sight, and it's not like with a notebook, which is too lazy to look every time to clarify something. Sheets are easy to tear off and have no date - you can start planning from anywhere.

You can buy planner for yourself or as a gift for a friend, work colleague, mom, girlfriend or sister - everyone who loves to plan and put things on the shelves.

We can deliver your order to any city and corner of Europe and the USA.

Transferring your plans and goals from head to paper to planner increases your day's productivity.