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There are two types of people: those who do everything in time, and those who don't. Too critical? But in fact it is, most of us complain about lack of time and constant haste. And all because there is no planning system, a clear list of actions, which means there is no confidence in the future.

How to plan your day, week, month, life

Планеры - СуперПуперсIf you want to always keep up with everything and do not feel the running of time so much, you need to plan your day. You can buy a special planner for this. This is a notebook in which everything is already thought out:

  • the days of the week and graphs are drawn in which you can write down your plans;
  • there are calendars - for more global planning;
  • stickers to mark the most important things;
  • motivational phrases;
  • simple blank sheets for those who don't like restrictions.

A planner-notebook differs from a regular notebook in that it HELPS to make plans and prioritize correctly. In addition, with its help it is more pleasant, more fun to do it, and the process becomes more like a game than boring planning.

Whom can I give a planner to?

In addition to buying a planner for yourself, you can give it as a gift:

  • a work colleague or boss (just not the cheapest for the price);
  • a schoolkid or student;
  • teacher or doctor;
  • designer or programmer.

It is suitable for people of different professions, especially those, that are associated with work that requires a clear allocation of their time.

In the Super-Dupers online store we have not only standard planners, but also travel books - especially for travelers and tourists. You can also buy women's and men's versions of notebooks from us, they are made in the appropriate color range: from delicate pink to brutal brown or black.

All planners have bookmarks, various helper stickers, and they can be closed either with a button or with an elastic band - choose what is more convenient for you.

You can order the delivery of your purchase in the USA and Europe.