Creative Notepads

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They say that the notepad is a relic of the past. After all, in a couple of seconds, everything can be written into a computer or tablet. But only when you write with your hand, the brain memorizes information much better. Therefore, experienced people advise writing all plans for the day, week and year on paper.

Creative notepads are better than soulless "electronics"

Креативные блокноты - СуперПуперсSimple notepads with white sheets and boring covers are a thing of the past. It is not interesting to write in them. A cool alternative has appeared in the Super-Dupers online store - beautiful notepads with original covers and filling.

They are divided into types depending on the purpose:

  • for pregnant mothers - to record everything that happens during this wonderful period;
  • sketches - with thick paper for markers, felt-tip pens and pencils;
  • travel - with convenient checklists for trips and plans;
  • reporters - with dotted sheets and with a fastening spring;
  • with black pages - for notes and drawings with a white pen.

A separate variety is diaries or gliders. They have separate planning sheets with handy blocks, striped, dotted, and simply pristine pages for drawings, sketches and brooding patterns while you are on the phone.

Super-Dupers gifts for any occasion

You can buy a beautiful notepad not only for yourself, but also as a gift. For example, for a beloved friend, work colleague, journalist friend or traveler. It is also suitable for those people who are on a diet or go to the gym - it will be convenient to draw up a new menu and training schedule.

For the price, all notepads are different. The most expensive are designer ones with lined tables, illustrations and helpful tips. Among them there are unpretentious ones, with a pretty cover and blank sheets inside.

You can make an order for the delivery of a gift to any city in Europe and the USA.

Let beautiful notepads inspire new ideas, thoughts and actions!