Cool Notebooks for a Gift

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If you have already bought 3 copybooks, but it still seemed not enough, it's time to move on to something large-scale. For example, a notebook. But not an ordinary school one, but a creative one - with huge A4 sheets and a bright cover. In it, you can not only write, but also draw pictures, tables, diagrams and routes.

Why you might need an unusual notebook

Креативные тетради - СуперПуперсA stylish notebook, unlike a standard (albeit large) squared or lined, is more multifunctional:

  • you can take notes and write down the words of the lecturer word for word in it ;
  • make sketches and create full-fledged paintings (dense sheets);
  • draw large tables for whatever;
  • write beautiful letters;
  • train different writing techniques and write down ideas.

With such a notebook, you can afford everything that cannot be done with a small notebook. But for daily planning, it is not very suitable - for this task you need a special planner, where everything is already outlined and thought out, so that distributing daily tasks was not only easy, but also fun.

Stylish notebook is an original and useful gift

Have you ever thought about giving your girlfriend or friend a notebook? This idea is considered the height of banality and is immediately dismissed. But our Super-Dupers notebooks have nothing in common with the banal.

They can be gifted to:

  • work colleague;
  • school teacher;
  • student-friend;
  • a child who is going to school (instead of an album for drawing);
  • designer or artist.

In the Super-Dupers online store, you can buy large 120-page notebooks with perforation and funny bright stickers that you can use to mark the most important things.

The price of a notebook depends on its size. The larger the sheet format, the more expensive it is, respectively. There are also very small mini-notebooks that you can simply add to the gift.

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