Creative Notepads and diaries

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Giving someone a notebook is the mainstream, everyone knows about that. You will not be surprised with such a gift: who is interested in getting standard things that can be bought at any kiosk? But this is not about our creative notebooks in which you can draw, use tips when planning things, add notes with stickers and motivate yourself by looking at colorful pictures. Whoa! Such an organizer will be a cool gift even for the boss of the team. And what do you think?

Original diaries and simply beautiful notebooks for any tasks

Креативные блокноты

Creative notebooks differ from standard ones in way they are refined and made for people who like to plan their day, travel, budget and study in an interesting way.

For this, there are such features:

  • a beautiful cover with an interesting design pattern;
  • blocks for easy planning and shopping lists with prices;
  • stickers with which you can mark something important;
  • illustrations directly on the pages, like in a book;
  • checklists so that you don't forget anything;
  • motivational phrases;
  • pages dedicated specifically to creativity;
  • a secret pocket where you can put something important;
  • tables, graphs and more.

Such a diary-notebook can be bought as a gift for an artist, designer, traveler, architect, photographer, teacher, student, athlete and all creative individuals.

Creative diaries in the "Super-Dupers" catalog

The Super-Dupers online store has a high opinion of the diaries, so in the catalog we have collected the most interesting, unusual and bright ones:

  • comfortable planners for the expectant mother;
  • planners with designer colored paper;
  • with ethnic patterns on the cover;
  • travel books - silent and helpful companions on any journey;
  • with real wood covers;
  • sketchbooks with cool covers and high-quality thick paper;
  • stylish notebooks with stickers;
  • classic notebooks with paper blocks that can be changed;
  • softbooks attached to a piece of leather (white pen included).

You can buy such a diary with delivery to any city in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.