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Sketching is almost like photography. However, it takes a second to make a photo and at least 5-15 minutes to draw a sketch, though the drawing looks brighter than real object of course. Sketchbooks are created for such a purpose. You can take them anywhere - ina cafe, subway, park bench, or even Eiffel Tower.

Sketchbook is for those who value their time and ideas

Скетчбуки для рисования - СуперПуперс

Sketchbook is created for those who doesn't like to waste time and ideas, who wants to have a possibility to make a fast sketch from life or sketch up the idea of future drawing. It's a very useful tool:

  • on a journey — drawings look brighter and more interesting than photos;
  • in a trip — to use free time for good and not to get bored on the way somewhere;
  • during a walk — to fix a great moment and make it memorable;
  • at home — when you want to sketch up simple things;
  • at the office — дto have a relaxing rest from work or, vice versa - make a creative brainstorm;
  • while studying — add some illustrations to a dry info.

Sketchbook types

There are several types of sketchbooks depending on drawing techniques:

  • for watercolor - a thick and textured paper that doesn't get damaged by water;
  • for markers and liners — thick paper, also moist-resistant;
  • for pastels — a textured paper with a background for a better color exposure.

You can find different sketchbooks for every purpose in our online gift shop SuperDupers. We have both standard books with blank sheets and art-books with drawing tutorials inside.Also, we have an option with blank pages combined with lined or squared sheets, so that you could use it as a notebook.

You can buy a sketchbook for yourself and also as a gift to artist, traveler, kid who learns how to draw and every person who loves arts and drawing.

There are sketchbooks with beautiful covers that can become an object of Instagram posts.

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