Cool Pens

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If you want to disappoint a person, give him a pen. And if you want to surprise and delight him, give a creative pen. It will instantly bring a smile and become a constant companion at school, at work and even during business meetings.

What is the unusualness of an ordinary pen

Креативные ручки - СуперПуперсFirst of all, it is colorful, bright, immediately striking and cheers up. You don't even want to gnaw on it thoughtfully cause you don't want to spoil it.

In addition to its noticeable appearance, it has other advantages:

  • high-quality ink - fits softly on paper, no effort is needed;
  • it is convenient to write with it - even while standing or on the move;
  • it is not disposable - the rod can be easily replaced with a new one.

Such a pen (or even a whole set) will be an excellent gift for both: a serious business person and a schoolchild. By the way, it is great to fill planners or notepads with different colors: at any moment you can highlight something important or put the "plus" near the accomplished goal.

Super-Dupers gift addition

In our Super-Dupers online store there is a cool stationery with its own features:

  • decorated with figures of a koala, a bunny, a flamingo and even a poop emoji;
  • pair "kisses" - for lovers;
  • with white ink - for notebooks with black paper;
  • double-sided highlighters - for writing and for highlighting;
  • whole sets of different colors.

For those who want to save on the price of packaging, there is an option of already packed in small gift box - this is just what you need for a corporate gift or a small surprise for a work colleague.

A pen set can be presented to a child who goes to school - schoolkid or student will definitely find the right use of a multi-colored stationery.

In addition, you can buy a creative notebook, planner, scratch poster or sketchbook. From all this, you can form a large gift set with a postcard, funny magnets and motivating stickers.

We deliver gifts to all cities in Europe and the USA. We will even pack the mini-pen so that nothing happens to it on the way.