Creative Pencil Holders

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A pencil holder is the simplest thing, but very important. It decorates the interior and prevents pencils from scattering throughout the house. It can be placed both in the office and in the children's room. It can also be wrapped in a beautiful package and presented to: a teacher, child, journalist, director, artist or just a colleague in the office.

Pencil holder - guardian of order on the table

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It is convenient when everything is at hand, and not lying all over the table, rolls into corners, falls and get lost in the abyss of the growing mess. By the way, this is a typical situation for creative people: they have complete order in their heads, but on the table...

A pencil holder is needed for organizing a convenient order and not interfere with the creative process. You can put pencils, pens, brushes, scissors, erasers and other stationery into it. If one stand is not enough, you can buy several at once.

A pencil holder is a "must have" on the child's table (or desk). Many children begin to learn order just from it: they carefully carry and fold all the pencils, returning them "home". As a result, mother is calm, and all the drawing and writing supplies are in place, there is no need to constantly buy them.

Houses, containers, cat cubes - all these are pencil holders

There are no standard pencil holders in our Super-Dupers creative gifts online store. They are all creative and original:

  • in the form of bright and cozy houses - they are very interesting to view;
  • cat cubes - voluminous and very roomy (contain 20-30 pens at one time);
  • in the form of a camera (by the way, this model can be captured, as a designer);
  • Tardis, just like Doctor Who;
  • a funny retro TV with several compartments inside;
  • laconic bar with the words "Dreams" and "Imagine".

The pencil holders are made of wood. The cheapest in terms of price are houses, so you can buy 3-5 pieces at once and make out of them the whole city. And the most expensive stands are made of salvaged wood, sanded by hand and covered with a special protective wax.

We will deliver the order to any city in the world (USA and Europe).