Creative Bookmarks for a Gift

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Using train tickets, candy wrapper, business cards, ads flyers instead of bookmarks seem ok, when you don't have one when you need it, but actually not ok towards the books you read. But what if your memory can't keep a page number for more than 5 minutes? Just buy yourself one or several bookmarks.

Reading etiquette starts from a bookmark

Закладки для книг

We are not sure if reading etiquette really exists, but we can share it with you. Just a bit not to get you bored:

  • books like being read from the beginning till the end;
  • don't draw on pages and don't do any damage;
  • don't eat over the book, and don't use your book as a tray for food;
  • don't bend pages, use bookmarks.

We believe you follow the first three points from the list, and for the fifth one we are ready to help you with - choose your favorites among a wide collection of bookmarks, and they will beautifully compliment your books and make the reading process more fun.

«SuperDupers»-you'll like our bookmarks even if you don't like reading books

Buy awesome cardboard or metal bookmarks in our online gift shop SuperDupers. The main thing is that they are made in a special shape:

  • tiny glasses;
  • animals: owl, bear, cat, etc.;
  • anchor;
  • cars;
  • whale;
  • bicycle;
  • heart;
  • сrow;
  • snail.

Any of these shapes will attract every book lover, student, teacher, and simply creative person. Also, pay attention to other preferences of a person you're going to make a gift. For instance, if you're going to make a present for a bodybuilder, a bookmark in the shape of a barbell will be a great choice.

You can complement the main gift with these beautiful bookmarks, not exceeding the budget.

We will pack your order with a wooden brick to make sure it's safely delivered. And we ship to Europe and the USA.