Original Nightlights for Kids

Table lamp "Pineapple"


Table lamp "Palm"


Table lamp "Cactus"


LED 3D lamp "Hippo"


Lamp "Big green palm"


Do you know that all fairy tales and miracles come from childhood? There are the sweetest dreams and the most magical dreams are born. And to make your child's dream filled with only good fairy tales, use secret magic: pick up cool lamps for children's rooms!

Children's bedside lamps: 4 reasons to buy as a gift

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For newborns and for older children, for boys and girls – cute nightlights in the nursery are needed absolutely for everyone! Admit that you also would not mind if someone very nice, kind and bright will be on duty next to your bed at night?

And we have several reasons to buy a night light as a gift for a child:

  • it's not scary to sleep with him alone – the shadow on the wall will no longer turn into a terrible monster, and the absolute darkness will stop scaring;
  • it's so comfortable to get ready for bed with him – just imagine the dim light, kind books, quiet music and good night wishes – the atmosphere, where magical dreams will be dreamed at night;
  • with it, the children's room will become even more beautiful – you know that it is the details that create a beautiful and unique interior;
  • you can make friends with him – the adorable night light will certainly become a great friend for kids, with whom it is so great to dream big and small dreams.

We are sure you, too, already wanted to plunge into a pleasant slumber and yawn sweetly!

Top 5 variations for children's nightlights

Out of great friendship, we share with you the variations of nightlights that will definitely please you, your child, and everyone who sees this wonder of the world at least once:

  • garland "Unicorns" – a wonderful decoration on the wall, which will give soft light and a lot of magic;
  • the "Kit" night light is kind, smiling and very beautiful, it will become not only a lamp, but also a favorite toy for a kid;
  • a night light "Rainbow" – an ideal device for lovers of everything bright, joyful and cheerful – with such a little thing it is so pleasant to go to bed and wake up;
  • night light "Duck" – it turns out that the cutest yellow duck can not only bathe in the bathroom with a child, but also guard his sweetest dreams;

the “Dinosaur Rex” night light is a real antiboogeyman, driving even the most insidious monsters out of the children's room.

Oh yes. Probably wondering where to get all this charm? Here's a tip: SuperDupers online store with delivery throughout Europe and the USA. For the most magical gifts – come to us!