Dishes for Kids


Are you “lucky” to be the parent of a child who is not eating enough? And you have tried all the legal ways to feed your child with healthy food? Keep your head up early, Super-Dupers have an idea how to fix the situation. You just need to buy him/her... cool dishes! Bright, with kittens and dinosaurs.

Super-Dupers dishes for a little miracle

It is very important for parents that children's dishes is reliable, high quality and safe. For a child the main thing is just to have their own dishes. After all, if you are a parent, then you have faced (or will face) that thing with a childish "my own self". Therefore, you need to make sure that the child is delighted with his/her dishes.

Super-Dupers knows a lot about children's kitchen jokes. We are happy to share what we have prepared for your kids.

 • Plates. It is desirable that children's dishes are made of safe materials. And our glass ceramic plates fit that description perfectly. It is very difficult to break it by accident, it is quite strong. If you do not arrange a competition for the best flying plate at home, then you can be calm: your dishes will remain safe and sound for a very long time.

And plates with cats, puppies, pandas will add a fun touch to the process of eating.

 • Teapots. Not all kids love tea. Because it can be associated with cold winters or colds. But how can you not want a tea when Mr. Teapot himself serves it to you? And the pirate flag stands proudly in the Tea Sea, which splashes right in the children's cup.

Lunch boxes. If you are on friendly terms with nature and care about its safety, then bioplastic lunch boxes are definitely your option. No Bisphenol-A for you, only organic wheat and food grade polypropylene. Therefore, collecting a snack for your child for school, you can be sure: there is no threat to his health and the "health" of nature too.

 • Thermal lunch bags. Mom's food is the tastiest. And a warm one is even tastier. And so that the snack does not cool down, while the child waits for 4 lessons (after which the long-awaited lunch), you can put it in a thermal bag. This cool thing made of heat-resistant fabric will keep mom's pies and pancakes warm for up to 3 hours.

 • Bottles for water. A universal thing: a bottle for water will be useful for a kid on a walk and for a schoolchild in physical training. Plus, you don't have to buy a new plastic bottle every time.

Don't know what to give? Give the dishes!

Well, at least because:

  • there is never too much dishes;
  • and even more - unusual, with amusing drawings;
  • original dishes can be presented to everyone: a 3-year-old baby for the first attempts to eat on his own, and a “child” of 30 years old, who is still a pirate in his soul.

Super-Dupers store loves to please you with unusual, creative, cute and, most importantly, useful things. These little things will fly to you very quickly, literally 2 weeks and you can personally examine your orders. Parcels are delivered anywhere in Europe and the USA.