Creative Inflatable Loungers

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Nobody likes to inflate something long and tedious. A mattress, a children's circle, a vest or a whole sofa. You can't get enough lungs to inflate all this. It's good that there is such a thing as lamzak. This is an inflatable sofa that can be inflated in 15 seconds. The most convenient thing!

How does an inflatable lounger look like and how does it work?

Надувные шезлонги (ламзак)

This is not quite a lounger, rather a sofa bag, but you can relax on it with the same comfort as on a lounger. It is made of durable nylon and has 2 compartments: each of them is filled with air and turns into a comfortable container for your body.

Inside the lamzak there is a polymer layer, due to which the air inside it is retained up to 2 hours in a row. There is no need to inflate anything and make sure that the sofa remains firm enough. After 2 hours just fill the bag with air and everything is ok again.

And now the main thing: how does the lounger get inflated and why does it happen so quickly? To inflate it, no pumps or other equipment are required, only a wind flow is needed (you can handle it without it even).


How to fill the lounger with air:

  • take out the lounger from the cover;
  • open it so that the wind blows it;
  • close the valve tightly;
  • fall on it and rest.

We desperately recommend buying a lamzak and trying everything by yourself

This original inflatable sofa, in addition to the unusual way of inflating, has other advantages:

  • withstands heavy weight - up to 440lb (200 kg);
  • very durable - can lie on sand, pebbles or grass;
  • pleasantly fits the body, repeating its shape.

Well, one more thing - if you have a lamzak, you do not need to pay for renting a sun lounger on the beach or a hammock, especially when you know the price for it in "hot" season. And here is full all inclusive.

The online store of creative gifts "Super-Dupers" offers to buy this wonderful lounger not only for yourself, but also as a gift. It will surely be appreciated by travelers, workers, who have waited for a vacation, your parents and even grandparents, who barricaded themselves in the country all summer.

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