Creative Picnic Sets

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Picnic in the best traditions

Набор для пикника, пикничный наборThe picnic sets contain everything you need for a perfect and cute picnic in nature. You will not need to collect dishes for hours, figure out how and where to put everything. It's also just beautiful. Everything is done in one style. For people who value aesthetics. Your family will appreciate taking care of them, and your friends will definitely want this for themselves.


Various picnic sets

The picnic set is the best gift because it is one of the things that really increase the level of comfort, but people very rarely allow themselves to buy something like that. Because there is no direct urgent need. Because not everyone knows about the existence of such sets. Because of the cost.


There are several types of picnic tableware:

  • in a basket (very touching and roomy);
  • in a bag (convenient and most common option);
  • in a backpack (travel kit).

The price of the set also depends on how many people it is designed for. The largest set is for 6 persons. Which one to choose - the decision is yours, depends from the person, his/her lifestyle. The most practical option is a backpack. But the cutest one is in a basket, a picnic trip will look like a frame from a movie. But such a basket will be convenient for people who have a car. For those who go to the picnic on foot, it will be more convenient to take a bag.

Our online gift shop loves outdoor rest. So every time you buy something like this from us, we rejoice for those who get such a damn cool gift. We will pack and send your order to any city in Europe and the USA as quickly as possible.