Great Goods for the Picnic

Water bottle with glass


Thermos "Auto Tires"


The weather, mood and plans speak for themselves: you can't cancel, get ready! Where to go? That's right: for a picnic! And in order to spend time with comfort and joy, be sure to stock up with useful things.

Picnic supplies: top 5 coolest things

What do you need for picnic, if you want to spend time not just good, but amazing? A couple of tips: great mood and great company are very important. And gifts for rest will be responsible for the organizational component:

  • lunchbox with cutlery - a bioplastic set will save your stomachs in hot and cold weather, allowing you to enjoy a full meal in the country, walk, work (or where are you going?);
  • thermal bag for lunch "Lunch bag" - to keep the temperature of the food, keep its smell and conveniently transfer it to the right place is very easy with a cool bag;
  • a bottle for drinks and fruits "My bottle" - everything is simple: going to the sea or for a walk - and grab a cool bottle that will help quench your thirst and will look stylish;
  • thermo mug "Cats" - for two whole hours (or maybe more) cute cats will keep your delicious drinks warm or cold;
  • "My love / My style" tumblr is an ideal purchase for a couple in love who loves to drink coffee, tea or cocoa.

Accessories for outdoor activities add +100500 points to comfort, creativity, originality and positive attitude. Get used to rest in comfort!

Everything for a picnic and not only

Did you know that the coolest picnic things will be no less useful even with the arrival of cold weather? Thermo mugs will make rainy evenings at home more cozy, lunch boxes will help you eat right even in the office, and stylish water bottles will come in handy during your gym visits. So to buy such things means to solve several issues in one fell swoop.

We immediately answer your reasonable question: "Where?" - in the Super-Dupers online store. We have everything - and even a little more: a huge assortment of cool things, fast delivery all over the world, and most importantly - our love for each client.

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