Original Beach Rugs

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Laying on a nice warm sand is a great pleasure, but it's better if there is at least some kind of barrier between you and the thorny, sticky grains of sand. An excellent option for such a "barrier" is a beach rug. Convenient, large, bright, pleasant to the touch, lightweight, compact and multifunctional.

Yeah, we're still talking about the beach mat: it really has all these characteristics and just asks to accompany you on the sunny coast.

 "To buy beach rug" is a must have on the summer shopping list

Пляжные коврики

Original beach rugs of various shapes and colors are made of durable fabric (cotton + polyester). They are way better than narrow straw or plastic rugs:

  • sand does not clog into them ( you just have to shake it and it will look like new);
  • it does not break or crack;
  • it does not leave print on the skin;
  • it can be washed in the most usual way;
  • it takes EVEN LESS space than others;
  • it has a pretty nice size.

And this is not the whole list of advantages, because we have not  talked about its multifunctionality. Such bedding can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as:

  • cozy pareo or towels;
  • outdoor playgrounds for children;
  • dining table while traveling;
  • and you can also take it with you to picnics, to relax by the outdoor pool and to the cabin by the lake.

 Beach rugs for a gift (with or without occasion)

In our catalog of creative gifts "Super-Dupers" you can buy huge rugs, made in the shape of pizza, juicy donut or hamburger, for a gift. And if your plans do not include increased appetite (the rugs look sooo tasty), then choose a bedding with a stylish Scandinavian or Indian pattern (they practically do not differ in price).

You can complement your summer set with an inflatable ring, a hammock or a picnic set, which you will also need during your trips to the lake, ocean  or nature. We send orders to any cities in Europe and the USA. Let your summer be colorful!