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Water bottle with glass


Thermos "Auto Tires"


To the woods!

Sometimes you just need to go out into the nature. The harmony of the surrounding world is the best relaxer. Camping is a paradise after a cold winter. When the grass is green and the sun is so pleasant and warm. Even without reference to the time of year, there is always something good about being in nature, fall camping can be even better than in spring, and summer one is way different than winter experience. In any case, sometimes it's just unbearable to stay at home. I would like to go to the mountains, to the woods, to the river with rapids! Well, or at least to the park or to the lake :) If you want to buy something for yourself or for your friend, then goods for outdoor recreation are the best gift (or for a little trips to the park - a picnic set). There are so many options to choose from. Take your time)

All sorts of camping stuff

Our online store does not specialize in camping equipment, so it's hard to boast of an awesome range of outdoor products, but we still have something special for you here. Among the camping goods, we have camping utensils and hammocks.

Обед в лесу, туристическая посуда

The hammock is a powerful camping upgrade. Here you can choose the "right" hammock - made of parachute silk:

  • easy to fold;
  • take a small space;
  • very light

When it comes to hiking, this is very important! But sometimes their cost is higher than ordinary hammocks.

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