Creative Clock Canvas

Clock canvas "Sunny day"


Clock canvas "Rose"


Clock canvas "Mountain"


Clock canvas "Glaze"


The interior is a delicate thing, and you are especially convinced in this when some small detail literally completely changes the appearance of an entire room. This could be a mirror, a painting, or a colorful poster. As soon as you hang something like this on an empty section of the wall, the room begins to radiate comfort and from regular apartment it turns into a real “home”, which many people lack so much.

Clock Canvas - creative and useful decor for your home

Часы на холсте

If you are choosing between a painting and a clock and can't decide what will look better, a painting-clock will become your universal option.

Their basis is very common:

  • durable wooden subframe;
  • quality cotton canvas stretched over the base.

And in the space between the canvas and the stretcher there is a clockwork.

Anything can be depicted on the canvas: the Eiffel Tower, a landscape, a portrait of a celebrity, various patterns, color effects and more. On top of the figure are numbers with divisions and arrows.

For which room is the clock canvas best suited

Basically, this creative home accessory can be applied to any room: bedroom, living room, nursery (just choose the appropriate theme), study and hallway. And if you decide to hang it in the kitchen, find a place away from the stove so that the heat and moisture will not damage the clockwork.

When choosing such a clock, mentally imagine whether the drawing is suitable for the interior of the room and its purpose. It is better when it contrast favorably with the main color of the walls and furniture - this will make it more visible.

Original clock canvas for a gift

Our Super-Duopers store has a clock with a photo that can be gifted to a traveler, teacher, office worker - anyone!

If you want to make a real wow effect on the person being gifted, try buying such a clock for him. This is very unusual and creative and something that can really surprise. In addition, such a gift is unlikely to gather dust in the pantry box.

You can buy our wonderful clock at a low price and with worldwide delivery.