Motivational Scratch Posters for a gift


It's one thing when a poster is just a picture on the wall. Beautiful, bright, but just a picture. And quite another, if you can do something with this poster. For example, draw directly on it, put stickers and even play motivating games.

What is a scratch poster

Мотивационные скретч-постеры - СуперПуперсThis is a poster with a special protective scratch layer. It can be erased with an ordinary coin or a special scraper (sold with a set) and see the task. For example: "write a dream list", "make 100 flights" or "jump with a parachute".

With the help of such a poster you can:

  • fix your dreams and set goals;
  • get a powerful kick of motivation;
  • instill useful habits;
  • analyze the results of your actions;
  • and even watch dozens of new movies.

This is how with the help of a protective layer and a dozen stickers, an ordinary poster becomes a faithful helper on the way to important life goals. And we are not exaggerating! Many coaches who work on motivation recommend using such things.

Scratch poster: this is 2 in 1 gift

2 in 1 because a person receives not only decoration for the wall, but also a useful thing that will help to have fun and fulfill long-conceived plans.

We have:

  • wish list - for visualization of goals for a year or even for life;
  • movie poster - with movies that you need to watch without delay;
  • a poster for lovers - with a list of things that can be done together;
  • the adult version "for lovers" - a hot card for the unashamed.

They come with stickers, buttons, scrapers and a super tube in which the whole thing is invested. In addition to such a gift, you can no longer buy anything - it is completely self-sufficient (and the price, too) and is sold immediately with all the necessary stuff.

We deliver orders across the USA and Europe by UkrPoshta.

Do not wait for the opportunity, give a motivational poster now: for a friend, beloved ones, co-worker or just for yourself. Dreams do not wait.