Creative Note Boards

Chalkboard "Whale" chalks


Chalkboard "Turtle" chalks


Chalkboard "Owl" chalks


Chalkboard "Kitten" chalks


Chalkboard "Heart" chalks


Chalkboard "Bunny" chalks


- Cutlets in the refrigerator - warm up!

- Do not forget to water the cactus, or it will wither.

- I went for cat food, I'll be back in 30 minutes.

Such reminder notes are usually written on small colored stickers, on scraps of notebook sheets or notebooks, and then hung in prominent places. Is it convenient? - Of course. But there is always something even more convenient! For example, the original note board. You can write with chalk and even leave graphic messages on it - for example, the route to the sink with dishes that need to be washed. And most importantly - all this can be easily erased with an ordinary damp sponge.

Note board - will be useful not only at home

Оригинальные доски для записей

Note boards are hung in the children's room, hallway, kitchen and office. You can use them for many options: to learn how to write the letters of the alphabet, to make shopping lists, to mark the deadlines of super-important projects and to remind about the cats that need to be fed urgently.

Except home, note boards fit perfectly for:

  • cafes and bars - you can write tempting invitations and depict the dish of the day;
  • shops - you can draw anything and invite visitors;
  • beauty salons and hairdressers;
  • offices;
  • It is possible to hang it even in a drugstore, here it will be pertinent too.

The trick is that a graphite board is 10 times more effective and interesting than a soulless billboard. Of course! After all, this is very creative, especially if you used not only white, but also colored chalks.

Is it appropriate to buy a note board as a gift

Is it appropriate? - Of course, it is appropriate, especially for those who like to write everything down and often use notebooks and stickers. Programmer, artist, designer and just a creative person. It can be given to a child for a birthday or a student.

The "Super-Dupers" has collected in the catalog black graphite boards from a tree with boxes for chalks and small boards-figurines in the form of a whale, a hare and other animals (they are cheaper in the price and are more suitable for a decor). Order the one that suits your needs the best and wait for delivery. We will deliver the purchase to any city in the world.