Motivational Posters

Splash Art Portrait


Poster «My city»


Poster «Favorite city»


Poster "Your own path"


Poster "You can do"


Poster "You are my type"


Poster "You are here"


Poster "WORK HARD"


Poster "What you love"


Poster "Wake up!"


Poster "Vinyl lover"


The carpet on the wall is the past, glorious, but still the past. Pictures are beautiful, but expensive, and if they are cheap, they are often tasteless and vulgar. Just a floral wallpaper or plain decorative plaster will suit minimalism lovers, but everyone else will quickly get bored. The ideal choise, that famous "golden mean", is a wall poster. It's modern, cool and stylish.

Makeup for your walls


A poster is kind of a banner that depicts a picture, slogan or even a whole text. It is now they have become an element of the interior, but before they were used for advertising and political purposes. So a photo poster is a thing with a story that can accomplish several tasks at once:

  • decorate the wall and transform the whole room;
  • close the hole and traces of unsuccessful repairs;
  • highlight your musical or cinematic tastes;
  • motivate for something - for example, travel or work;
  • complement various interior styles, highlighting the main idea;
  • create a bright spot of color in a calm room interior.

Art posters can be used not only in apartments or houses, but also in offices, cafes, beauty salons, restaurants, bars and other places where you need to create a special, memorable atmosphere.

"Don't be sad" and "Don't be afraid of failure"

The catalog of SuperDupers store contains the most interesting and creative gifts that delight customers and those to whom they are presented. Here you will find many bright and original posters made of durable materials, with paints resistant to all kinds of troubles.

There are motivating messages such as “Become what you want to be” or “Happiness depends on us" on the posters.

We deliver gifts in the USA and Europe.