Scratch Maps for a Gift


Don't erase memories! Erase the scratch layer

In addition to souvenirs brought  from any trip, you probably would like to have some nice reminder about travel. Many people still like to make lists, take notes, organize - it brings additional pleasure from the things done. Scratch map of the world allows you to clearly mark your travels, emphasize your love of travel.

When you return from work in the evening or vice versa, leaving in the morning, the world map in your room will motivate you and lift your spirits with memories and dreams of new travels. You will have a desire to erase the whole world, to be noted in every corner of the earth. When I return home, I can't wait to proudly erase the scratch layer from another country!

The Super-Dupers online store has the widest range of scratch maps! We have world maps and maps of Europe. For different travelers. Choose one that impresses you the most and travel even more.

This is an amazing gift for a tourist and just for a person who likes to go somewhere for a rest. All of us has to rest and travel: we need to discover this great beautiful world. The scratch map is packed in a beautiful designer tube. Some maps come with nice little things like a luggage tag, a coin, a marker and pins for wall mounting.

Moreover, it is a universal gift. After all, sometimes there is a risk of giving a gift that can make an ambiguous impression or impose some responsibilities. A travel scratch map can be presented to your boss, colleagues, family and loved ones without any problems (or even very much the opposite - with great joy).

A scratch map can be hung in the office - it will make your workplace creative and inspiring. Every working day will make you happier because you will be looking forward to new travels.