Creative Piggy Banks

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We are all used to think that a piggy bank is a little house for money. But if you think about it a little bit more creative, then along with money you can add notes with your  dreams or the best events of the year, your memories, or even write a letter to future yourself. After all, it will be great to open the piggy bank and see not only a huge pile of money in it (and we believe it will be a pile for real), but also handwritten letters  with motives or specific goals, why you've been saving these funds.

For sure it is not easy to collect money when there are so many temptations to spend them right here and right now. Exactly, right? How not to buy this backpack when it's on sale? That's why you have perfect solution for saving your money - piggy bank, hooray!

The piggy bank is your little personal safe

Yes, yes, it's a safe. And the protection in it is 80 lvl. Because there is no key :) This is the safest place to save some money. And if you used to pass by your old colorful piggy bank and ask yourself  questions  like “How much is there?”, “Maybe it's time to open it?” - now it's all clear and seted up. Now you know exactly where it would go to as you have inspiring words on it:

  • on a dream (and what else, if not a dream);
  • travel (traveling is the best!);
  • for a wedding (it's cool that the size of a piggy-box bank  allows you to save even for a wedding);
  • children's desires (a busy unicorn emphasizes the importance of children's needs);
  • for special needs (very special and very necessary).


Piggy bank for money - original and stylish

Original gifts? It's easy. Super-Dupers online store has made sure that each of your gifts is the most creative and unforgettable. We believe that not a single person will be able to remain indifferent if you come to his celebration with a cool transparent piggy bank (having thrown a bill into it in advance). In addition to that, this multifunctional little thing can be used as:

  • savings house
  • frame on the wall (fasteners included)
  • as a decoration for the the table
  • it's up to you, how you would like to use it

In the Super-Dupers online store you can buy unusual piggy boxes with motivating slogans. Each of them is made of environmentally friendly MDF material and plastic. Suitable for a gift not only for adults, but also for teenagers and even children.

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