Creative Bottles Holders

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Not everyone owns a wine cellar, but small wooden wine stands are quite affordable. They fit 1-8 bottles - it looks very interesting and solid.

Wine stands and bottle holders - "Awesome!"

Подставки для бутылок

If you have a couple of bottles of good wine, we beg you, do not send it to an ordinary fridge, do not anger the god Dionysus. Yes, it needs coolness, but it also needs proper storage conditions. A wine stand placed in a cool, dark place will provide the drink with all the necessary conditions:

  • immobility - no vibrations that can affect the taste;
  • correct horizontal position - so that the cork does not get wet.

Of course, such a stand is not suitable for wine maturation - more serious conditions are needed here. But for a ready-made drink and just to add a little luxury to your office, living room or kitchen, it is perfect choice!

Original bottle coasters for a gift

A coaster or box for wine bottles is a great gift for a person who knows a lot about quality drinks. These accessories are made of natural wood, handmade and according to an original design idea, so that's a reason for this price. It is quite a pleasure to buy such a gift for a boss, a respected teacher or friends for a housewarming.

The Super-Duopers catalog contains not only wine boxes for one or several bottles, but also beer crates - this is a universal option for anyone. They look unusual and will decorate not only an office or a house, but also a bar, cafe or wine shop.

Gifts leave our store to all cities of the world: the USA and Europe. Make an order and we will deliver your purchase directly to you!