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Some  of us believe that a paper book is a relic of the past, and very soon it will disappear from the life of a person who would prefer a more convenient electronic version. Well, we don’t know about that, especially when you have chance to smell of a brand new book, look at beautiful illustrations and flip the real pages, diving deeper and deeper into the world of adventures and experiences of the heroes.

Moreover, there were so many different "goodies" invented for paper book. Let's take a book holders, for example - they decorate the shelf in your personal library and also hold back the pressure of a decent book stack, preventing it from falling.

What a book holder can be useful for

Держатель для книг

Basically, book holders can be purchased by parents for elementary school kids to put things in order on their shelves, but in fact they can be used by both high school students as well as  adults who graduated from school long time ago. For example, such holders can be purchased for:

  • more convenient paper handling;
  • interior decoration;
  • to divide books by genre.

The book holder allows you to arrange and divide books nice and evenly, or you can give them a separate shelf space, while leaving free space for other items. Long story short, it is a very convenient and useful thing in everyday life, which can bring something special and original in your room.

 A great gift for a true book lover

 The book holder can be safely presented as a gift to a librarian or a collector and lover of literature, who already has a decent collection of books at home. In the online store of creative gifts Super-Dupers you will find original and cool holders in the shape of:

  • raccoon;
  • cat;
  • bear;
  • good-natured minions;
  • feathers;
  • arrows;
  • trees;
  • a pair of deer;
  • the largest suspension bridge in the world - Golden Gate in San Francisco.

All holders are very durable, as they are made of steel and painted with a safe and good quality paint. They will certainly bring a smile  not only to a child, but also adults will be happy to get it.

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