Creative Books-safes and Secret Storage Boxes

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Book safe or book-box - hide from everyone

With a book-safe you can arrange your little secret in the most prominent place of the interior. The book itself is a classic cache from ancient times. At least once, but everyone hid something in a book, that's for sure. The Safe Book is a level 80 cache. It fits more than a ticket that you keep as a keepsake or a couple of bills for a rainy day.

Getting to what you have hidden in it is not that easy. Inside there is a real small safe with a metal door with a key. The set includes 2 keys, just in case you suddenly decide to lose one.

A book-safe is especially useful at work, where you need a place to store something personal. Just lock it with a key, put it on the shelf or in a drawer and be calm - a safe is a safe). Actually, we are not talking about crazy savings, we are not selling you a bank cell. It's just that everyone has some very personal and personal things that need to be in a safe place.

There are different designs that will suit different people: a romantic book with Paris or Italy, with beautiful butterflies pictures, as well as in a more serious style with an old world map. The safe-book can be presented to both a girl and a man. This gift can be safely attributed to the category of "universal". If you are looking for a gift for your mom, she will appreciate such an unusual and useful thing.

In addition to safe-books, we have books-boxes if you do not need additional protection. If you need an unusual box that will not take up extra space and will become an interior decoration - you will like the book-box. Such a box fits perfectly on a bookshelf, it looks pretty together with a real books. Also the book-box simply snaps onto the magnet.

The books are made in different sizes, from mega-large to miniature piggy banks. That's why you can choose the appropriate size for such a creative safe and order delivery to any city in Europe and the USA.