Creative Decorative Hourglass


Perhaps, many people associate the hourglass with either a physiotherapy room or grandfather's workshop with all sorts of ancient things. In the modern world, a chronometer is more of a story about gifts and souvenirs. They "upgraded" a little, became more beautiful and graceful. The sand clock will fit perfectly into any interior: it can proudly show off on a shelf in the living room or serve as a timer in the kitchen.

"Anti-lazy" or how to have time to do pending things with the help of an hourglass

We are 100% sure that a hourglass is not only a stylish decor element, but also a practical thing. We can say, "inspirer" for all postponed affairs. Just put a watch in front of you and enjoy spending 5 or 10 minutes usefully. So what can you do in such a short time:

Do exercises. Very often girls (especially young mothers) complain that there is not enough time to maintain their figure. It is not necessary to go to the gym every day and pull iron: 15 minutes a day is enough to be in good shape and look great.

Read a book. If you had a crazy day (it sucks at work, forgot your change in the store, your shoe broke), then just one chapter of the book you read can save the situation: at least you will distract yourself from everyday problems.

Make a to-do list. There is never enough time for this occupation. If you have an hourglass at hand that will count down exactly 10 minutes (and a handy notebook at the same time), then planning will go much more fun.

Learn foreign words. Not a lot, not a little, but 5 minutes will be enough to learn 10 foreign words. Drowning in everyday life, we often forget about self-development;

Wet cleaning. Nobody likes to dust off. What if it only takes 1 minute? And so 3-4 approaches. It's not stressful at all, and the room is already clean;

Relax. Seems like nothing can be more beautiful than rest. But there may not be time for it at all. If you are a workaholic, make it a rule to take at least 10-minute breaks between work processes.

Super-Duper watch for a gift. For whom?

  • For a psychologist: an hourglass does an excellent job of anti-stress function (useful not only for clients, but also for the therapist).
  • Child: For a curious child, you can give an hourglass complete with an experiment kit.
  • Professor or scientist. And indeed to everyone whose hobby or work is related to the exact sciences.
  • Office worker: one small detail, and the table will already look like a big boss.
  • Housewife: a multifunctional little thing will come in handy in the kitchen, and the child can play with it while mom makes dinner.
  • For lovers of eco-friendly things: a gift with care for nature (glass, wood, sand - absolutely eco-friendly).
  • To the eternal "latecomers": not only to laugh, but also to hint that they can leave the house early.

At Super-Dupers you can buy wooden hourglass and magnetic hourglass. We quickly place an order and send it on the same day if you managed to leave a request before 13:00 (we don't have problems with time, we are punctual). Sending is carried out to all cities of the world.