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Tea is delicious and very healthy. This drink is loved, if not by everyone, then by many. But here's the trouble: the nasty tea leaves that float up, prevent you from enjoying the taste. They have to be caught, removed with a spoon, or simply spit out, which is not very convenient and pleasant. But clever people were found and came up with a special tea strainer.

How to tame tea leaves with a teapot

Заварник для чая - superpupers.comThe standard strainer is a small cocoon with many holes and a handle. The tea leaves are placed directly inside the "cocoon" and dipped into a cup in hot water. As a result, the drink is infused, while all the tea leaves remain inside and do not float to the surface. Agree, it's more convenient and cheaper than buying a whole teapot.

Such an accessory will be an excellent gift for a housewarming, corporate party and other occasions - it will definitely appeal to all lovers of interesting and bright things.

Varieties of teapots

First of all, teapots differ depending on the material from which they are made. This could be:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • silicone.

Plastic and silicone are food grade and do not emit any harmful substances when exposed to the high temperatures that reign in your cup.

In addition, the strainers also differ in appearance. In addition to the standard options, there are many of the most incredible teapots. In the catalog of our store you will find original teapots with a handle in the form:

  • ducks;
  • whale;
  • steering wheel;
  • angel wings;
  • a pirate flag (yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!);
  • etc. - the assortment is updated frequently.

Among the whales and wings, "Mister Kettle" is wedged in - he loves to bask in a cup and is ready to provide you with his services.

To buy a teapot for tea as a gift is a great idea!

Cool strainers can be a very original and unusual gift for any occasion. Such a gift would be especially appropriate for students, work colleagues, travelers, or people who love all sorts of cute little things. See for yourself: you probably know better than we do who will like such a useful thing.

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