Creative Magnets

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A magnet is an average refrigerator resident. Pleasing to the eye and adorning a grocery friend's white tuxedo. This decor element has become so ingrained in the kitchen life that it is now difficult to imagine an apartment where there is not a single magnet. It immediately seems lonely, too minimalistic and boring.

If you don't like magnets

Креативные магниты - СуперПуперсIf simple magnets dislike you, choose creative ones. For example, magnets-pictures on wooden dies - they look very cool and original. In addition, they can be hung not only on the refrigerator, but in general anywhere where there is a metal surface.

What is the advantage of this decor item:

  • it is handmade - the paintings are painted on them by real artists;
  • it is small - it does not take up much space, unlike a picture;
  • does not break or crack when dropped, like plastic or ceramics;
  • it is easy to make a small but pleasant surprise with it.

The only thing you might not like is the thickness of the magnet. The wooden block is thick enough and sticks out, so it can be easily hooked. But the tape holds it firmly, so you can't wipe it off.

To whom and when you can give a magnet

A magnet is a universal gift. You can buy it separately, or you can add something large with it, for example, a wall poster or a scratch map of the world. It will be appropriate for birthday, New Year, and generally just with no reason, when you want to make pleasant to a person.

In the Super-Dupers online store there are picture magnets with motivating inscriptions, declarations of love, cats and just various cute images. For those who want to make a cool gift for their girlfriend or wife, there is a whole magnetic calendar in a beautiful gift box with the inscription "Dear" - it is more expensive at a price, but what an effect it produces!

Here you can order delivery to all cities of the world. Delivery time is 2 weeks. After all, it doesn't take much to please a friend or loved one - a cool magnet is enough.