Creative Herbs Jars

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Are you a cook from God and you always have 50 shades of spices in your kitchen? Then glass herbs jars are definitely your option. Such jars are a decoration of the kitchen and convenient storage of spices in one bottle. More precisely, on one stand.

6 reasons to buy herbs jars


Stylish kitchen - stylish things. Not only the spice set is convenient, but also stunned very beautiful. Let all guests bite their elbows and admire your housekeeping. (And it's better if they take the same ones for themselves). Minimalism and simplicity, beauty and aesthetics, isn't this the guarantee of cool decor?


It's convenient when everything is at hand and in its place, true? No need for unnecessary throwing and searching for "where is this damn rosemary ?!" All the spices are here, in one place, on a stand. Therefore, the spice stand is just the # 1 thing for an organized housewife.


You took the bag upside down, then you pull the bag, and two more stretched out. And that's all, half of the content is already on the table. Say no to peppers and sneezes 100 times per second. This won't happen with glass jars. Of course, if you try very hard, then anything can happen, but they almost exclude the possibility of spillage.

Proper storage

Leave the technique "2 times tuck the bag and secure with a paper clip" in the last century. This is still an unreliable system and herbs quickly lose their flavor. The cork is another matter. It seals the jar hermetically and protects it from moisture ingress. But at the same time it does not "clog" everything so much that the contents start to deteriorate (we are hinting at plastic containers).


An organized person is organized in everything. First, a set for spices, then jars for cereals, then planning things, and then it’s not far from getting up at 7 in the morning. When chaos and disorder reigns around you, then there will be "mess" in your head. But if you start small - to put things in order in the kitchen, then gradually you can proceed to more global issues of self-organization.

Cooking with imagination

Even if you cook ordinary borscht, no one prevents you from being a great experimental chemist at this moment. And the spice jars will help you get into the role of Walter White from "Breaking Bad". Cooking with pleasure is so easy!

Super-Duper gift for the kitchen

A great way to pamper your hostess or host is to present creative (but always practical) kitchen items. And it is absolutely not necessary that only a woman is the mistress of the kitchen and she alone knows how to cook deliciously. Therefore, we believe that such a gift will be appropriate for two: for a wedding anniversary or housewarming.

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