Original Fridge Magnetic Boards

Fridge magnetic board (small defect)

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Fridge magnetic board "Owl"


Fridge magnetic board "Heart"


Fridge magnetic board "Dialogues"
Fridge magnetic board "Cock"


Fridge magnetic board "Cat Ashot"

Magnetic board - to maintain a positive home

The magnetic board is a fun way to communicate in the family that will bring variety and will cheer everyone up every day. Leave reminders to yourself, notes for your family, write shopping lists, and just draw (even if you don't know how). This is a great gift for a family.

Your message will be hard not to notice and therefore no excuses will work. And, of course, no one will be left without a smile. Home comfort consists of many different little things and details, one of which can be a magnetic board. You will be happy to draw and leave messages to your family. It will be especially great to push washing dishes on someone in absentia :)

You can buy a magnetic board from the Super-Dupers online gift shop on your choice. There are two types of magnetic boards: for chalks and markers. It's up to you to decide what you prefer: the rustle of chalk or the sliding of a marker on a white surface. The choice also depends on the color of your refrigerator: white on black or black on white for a more contrast.

There are classic rectangular boards, and also in the form of a dialogue. Animal lovers will like magnetic boards in the shape of a mysterious cat, a funny owl and a wonderful elephant more. Children will also be delighted with the animal-shaped magnetic board. A great gift for a couple in love is a heart-shaped magnetic board.

The magnetic board clings to the refrigerator without any problems, does not fly off when the door is opened and, of course, does not leave any traces. An additional beauty is that the markers (or chalks) go on an additional holder, which is also on a magnet. Therefore, you will not need to go looking for chalk every time you want to write something on the board. Chalks will always be at hand. The same applies to the sponge - it will easily be magnetised next to the board and chalks.

And, of course, beautiful packaging. The entire set (magnetic board, markers or chalks, holder and sponge) is packed in a beautiful gift tube. Nice to give, nice to receive. But there are no limits to perfection, so you can additionally wrap a gift and order delivery to any corner of Europe and the USA.