Creative Neck Pillows for a Gift

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What can be worse and more exhausting than sleeping during a trip? Maybe just sleeping on a ceiling (yeah, that's the most uncomfortable way to sleep). No place to lay your head, shaking the whole way, not saying about feeling cozy. And what if your trip lasts 12-24 hours? Then farewell, healthy sleep. Hello, undereye circles and puffy face.

A soft travel pillow placed under your head or neck can assure the healthy and comfy sleep. You'll feel relaxed and, finally, sleepy, ignoring all the tragedies of a long-haul trip.

Your best friends while traveling – neck pillows

Подушки-зверушки под шеюNeck pillows have C-shape and are worn on the back of your neck. They fix your head in a natural position and avoid reclining and bitter awakening from aches and neck cramps.

They are filled with holofiber which has good resilience and "memory effect". Other fillers (down, cotton, polyester batting, etc.) are no good for this purpose, as they do not maintain their shape.

You can take your neck pillow everywhere:

  • car;
  • plane;
  • bus tour;
  • on a train to visit your granny;
  • any other places, where is no bed to sleep.

This pillow is a great gift for a traveler, but keep in mind that it can be good for a regular sleep as well. So in case you don't have a simple pillow, grab your travel one, and have a sweet dream.

Fascinating animal pillows as a gift

Online-shop of creative gifts Super-Dupers has a lot of animal-like pillows to offer (sleepy sheep, funny horses, lovely foxes, cute cats, and other funny animals). Such a pillow will be a good match for a kid's birthday or for your colleague who goes on business trips too often. This gift is both unforgettable and useful for sure. 

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