Heart Pillows for a Gift

Heart-pillow XXL "We"


Heart-pillow "Super hero"


Heart-pillow "Soft love"


Heart-pillow "BatCat"


Teddy bears are no longer in vogue. If you want to confess your love in an original way or remind your other half of the power of feelings - give a pillow. Not a simple one, of course, but a heart pillow. It is made in the shape of a classic heart and decorated with funny drawings or inscriptions.

Pillow as an original gift for Valentine's Day


And not only on Valentine's Day, but in general on any holiday and even for no reason. You can even confess your love with a decorative heart pillow. For this we have pillows with the inscriptions:

  • the standard but working "I love you";
  • "I love you endlessly";
  • laconic "Love" surrounded by flowers;
  • "Love" in all languages ​​of the world.

There are also pillows with cute drawings: a funny bear, a mysterious raccoon in a mask, a sly fox and even a pair of socks. Some feature entire illustrations and lengthy confessions.

A heart pillow can even be bought for a guy - he will hardly appreciate flowers and patterns, but a stylish cat in a Batman suit will touch him!

Super-Dupers pillow softness!

Our Super-Dupers creative gifts online store has a whole collection of printed heart pillows. Pillowcases are made of dense, but soft fabric - gabardine, and filled with elastic synthetic fluff and holofiber or silicone balls. The pillowcase cannot be removed, but the product can be easily washed in the washing machine or by hand.

There are medium-sized pillows, and there are large ones - they cost more expensive. Each has a color print, it does not fade or wash off.

The pillows are big, but we can pack them nicely in a sized box or wrapping paper. Don't worry about getting wrinkled during delivery - the filler is flexible and instantly reshapes.

Most of the pillows are made to order. It usually takes from 3 to 5 days, so it's best to place your order in advance.

We deliver gifts to all cities in the USA and Europe. Delivery time is 2 weeks.