Original Roller Pillows

Roller-pillow “Log”


Roller pillow "Raccoon"


Roller pillow "Panda"


Roller pillow "Kitten Coal"


Roller pillow "Gray kitten"


Roller pillow "Foxy", red


Roller pillow "Foxy", orange


Roller pillow "Birch"


A sofa without the pillows looks really sad. How about decorating it with a couple of logs? Not real, of course, but soft and elastic: you can put them under your head or back, and even arrange a pillow fight. They look much more original than standard square pillows.

Roller pillows: for sleeping and interior


Roller pillows really look like small logs, with tree bark and annual rings. They look great not only on the sofa, but also in a decorative basket near the fireplace (but not too close to prevent sparks from hitting) or even on the floor.

You can rest on a roller-shaped pillow during the day, put it under your neck, use it for sleeping, hugging it with your legs and arms, or throw it on the floor and put your feet on it so that it is convenient to watch a movie and eat pizza.

Roller pillows can be made not only in the logs form. With the help of photo printing, the pillows are converted into:

  • newspaper rolls;
  • cans with Cola;
  • strangely shaped watches;
  • kegs with film.

There are also pillows in the form of cute animals: kitten Icy and bear Yuppie. They have ears, legs, a tail and even a face. They are made by hand and with a lot of care. These animal pillows have their own secret, but to see it you have to look under the tail.

Super-Dupers pillows as a gift

A roller pillow is an unusual and useful housewarming gift, for a creative person (for example, a designer) and just for that person who loves everything beautiful and original.

In our online store of creative gifts you can buy handmade roller pillows. They are made of jersey or very soft plush (they are slightly more expensive) and filled with silicone balls or synthetic down. They can even decorate a children's room, because all materials are safe and hypoallergenic.

The pillows can be packed in a box or wrapping paper. We will select the size of the gift wrapping and decorate with ribbons or bows.

We will deliver the selected gift to any city in the USA and Europe. Waiting for you :)