Decorative Pillows


Pillows are divided into 2 main types: intended for sleeping and for decorating the bedroom / living room. The ones for sleeping sweetly look quitly simple and unpretentious, but the decorative ones are made with prints and are intended for creative decoration of your home. They delight the eye, bring more vibrant colors to life and allow you to change the look of your sofa and room really quikly!

Let's forget abot the interior boredom!

Sometimes you want to change absolutely everything in your house, but you will notstart the repairs because of this suddenly flared up desire? For such purposes, these pillows were created:

  • they will perfectly emphasize your taste;
  • will decorate a sofa;
  • you can lean back and relax while watching movies;
  • they create additional comfort;
  • make leather sofas less slippery.

When choosing such an accessory, you need to pay attention to the fabric, shape, size of the pillow and the accessories with which it is decorated. Everything should be in harmony with the environment and the sofa itself. For example, an accessory with a "hay" print looks good in an eco-style interior.

Pillows with Super-Dupers prints as a gift

In our online store of creative gifts you can buy decorative pillows with unusual prints. They are made to order: only 3-5 days of waiting, and the original product is ready. Naturally, the price of author's creations is higher than standard decorative accessories, because they are unique and have very high quality.

We have velvety fabric, gabardine, decorative burlap and polyester. Sintepon and silicone balls are used as a filler. The pillowcase itself can be removed for washing, and so that the drawing does not fade, you need to wash it only in a delicate mode, or by hand in warm water.

These accessories can be presented to newlyweds who are setting up their own family nest, to a child - let him decorate the nursery to his taste, a student friend, work colleague, girlfriend or boyfriend - the main thing is to find a suitable reason.

Orders are delivered all over the world.