Creative Pillows

Roller-pillow “Log”


Roller pillow "Raccoon"


Roller pillow "Panda"


Roller pillow "Kitten Coal"


Roller pillow "Gray kitten"


Roller pillow "Foxy", red


Roller pillow "Foxy", orange


Roller pillow "Birch"


Pillow «My city», velvet


Heart-pillow XXL "We"


Heart-pillow "Super hero"


What are decorative pillows? No, just don't answer something like this: pillows that are placed on a sofa or bed in order to decorate the interior. After all, this is much more: creativity, the reason for a chic mood, an object for hugs, even if there is no one at home but you. Earnestly?

Top 5 original decorative pillows

These little pillows can be a great gift, especially to yourself. With them everything around becomes cozy, soft and very home-like. For example, if you choose one (or not one, but many) of these original interior pillows:

  • “We are family” - and that says it all, and a print with two gorgeous cats will confirm this;
  • carrot-pillow is a very cute and appetizing-looking object for a sweet hug;
  • “In all languages ​​of the world” - declarations of love in dozens of languages are collected on one sofa pillow, and what you can do? - Confess, fall in love, hug.

And how will you decorate your interior and your life?

Six super arguments for designer pillows

Do you still have the questions like: "Why?" and "For what?" Okay, we can answer:

  • to bring creativity into the interior;
  • to hug and sleep sweetly;
  • to throw at each other, but only for great love;
  • to collect a whole collection at home;
  • to be photographed a lot in the company of a pillow;
  • not to ask unnecessary questions.

We think the answer is more than exhaustive. Such cool little things were simply born to give comfort, softness, a smile and happiness - a little lazy, relaxed, but the most "real" happiness. And for the fulfillment of desires there is an online store Super-Dupers. Here you can choose, buy, receive and hug, and delivery across Europe and the United States will help with this. So which cuddle object would you choose?