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It's hard to grasp the true value of quality linens until you try to sleep on it. It is like a rebirth: the morning seems good from the first second, the coffee tastes better, and the air in the bedroom is cleaner. Do you think we are exaggerating? But no. In fact, a good linens does something incredible to the body and mind of a person: you get enough sleep and see only cozy dreams.

Linens - it's where you need to start a new life

Постельное бельеWhy do you think they give linens for a wedding or housewarming? Because they symbolize the beginning of a new life. And also:

  • decorate the bedroom, make it more cozy and warm;
  • provide a deeper and more comfortable sleep;
  • do not cause discomfort and allergies because of the natural cotton.

How can you upgrade your home? - Buy linens for a gift!

The catalog of the online store of unusual gifts "Super-Dupers" contains not only interesting things, but also all sorts of serious things, for example, bedroom sets. The sets are original, made of inexpensive but high quality light satin (thin cotton) and are suitable for wide double beds.

The set includes:

  • duvet cover;
  • sheet;
  • 2 pillowcases.

Everything is packed in a beautiful gift box - it's not a shame to give it to your friends for a wedding or an anniversary for your parents.

The sets are mostly decorated with classic patterns: large colored check, stripes, rhombuses, gradient, etc. Delicate shades are used, due to which the linen is suitable for almost any interior.

Delivery of gift sets is carried out in all cities of the world. It takes 1-2 weeks.

All sets are from Ukrainian manufacturers. Therefore, buying them, you will get the highest quality, which is great!