Cool Indoor Shoes for a Gift

Slippers "Yeti"


Slippers "Unicorns", white


Slippers "Unicorns", pink


Slippers "Mr. Meeseeks"


Slippers "Kawaii panda"


Slippers "Finn"


Plaid home slippers? Floral or polka dot? Monochromatic? What do you mean - it's insanely boring! Let's remember where we are: at home, and at home, as you know, you can do whatever you want and walk in any kind of slippers. Even in slippers-dragons or slippers-ducklings. No one will say a word.

Well, let's take a chance?

Cool slippers - warm and creative

Walking around the house barefoot or in thin socks is very unsafe. This is not only uncomfortable, but also threatens with sudden colds, especially when the heating season has not yet begun or has already ended. Soft and funny slippers will help you survive the autumn-spring cold and avoid hypothermia. Such unusual slippers can be bought not only for yourself, but also as a gift for mom, best friend, girlfriend, sister and even a boyfriend - we assure you that guys are also not against any cuties, especially if they are soft and warm:Прикольные тапки для дома

  • they are always warm and very cozy;
  • espite the fact that they are quite voluminous, it is convenient to move around in them;
  • thanks to durable leatherette, the sole is not rubbed or torn;
  • they look very original;
  • have a universal size;
  • a leg fits into them without effort;
  • can cheer you up even on Monday morning;
  • loyally awaiting your return home.

Such a warm and cheerful present will come in handy on New Year's Eve, or as a gift for Christmas and Valentine's Day - for all the coldest holidays, when our legs especially need warmth and comfort.

Super-Dupers slippers for home and cool pajama parties

In our online store of creative gifts there are super-funny home shoes, for example, in the form of Bigfoot paws, a pair of bright yellow ducks, big green dragon paws, a hedgehog (not a thorny one) and even Homer Simpson himself.

They are made of soft materials such as plush and holofiber. They are very practical and comfortable to wear, and you will appreciate the rest during use.

We will deliver your order to all the USA and Europe.