Stylish Blankets

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We associate the blanket with snow outside the window, hot cocoa with marshmallows and endless Game of Thrones. What associations do you have? If you remember how you were freezing last winter, chattering your teeth and getting covered with huge goosebumps, you urgently need a new fluffy and soft blanket.

Blankets that warm body and soul

Стильные пледы - СуперПуперсWe believe that a good blanket should hug from head to toe, like a real cloud. Hug, warm and powerfully magnetize to the bed. And it must also be beautiful.

For example:

  • with the topographic contour of the Carpathians - you unfold and ...;
  • with cool illustration by designer Brendan Monroe - perfect for photos.

There are also options without any patterns - they are just colored and sometimes in a classic and recognizable check. They can be completely spread on the sofa, decorating and complementing the interior of the room.

This accessory (you cannot name it otherwise) can be used not only at home, but also on the street. For example, take on a picnic, the beach, watching a movie outdoors or on a weekend hike. You can also arrange stylish Instagram photo sessions with them by the sea or on the summer terrace.

Beautiful blankets as a gift

In the Super-Dupers online store all blankets are designed and very unusual. The most important advantage is that they made of merino wool and cotton. They are dense (the price depends on the density of the fabric), light, soft and perfect for a gift.

Who can you give:

  • for student who lives in a hostel it will be like a piece of home;
  • grandmother or grandfather - to warm up in winter or autumn;
  • beloved girl - so that later together to watch comedies under it;
  • work colleague - just before the New Year, before the holidays.

All blankets are packed in a convenient black box with a handle, so you can save on the gift box and buy something else useful instead.

We will deliver the selected gift to you within 2 weeks maximum. We can bring it to any city in the world.

And finally, Super-Dupers advice: prepare your sleigh in the summer, and blankets right now, without delay!