All you want in the winter, when it is about -15, or even -20 degrees outside, is to wrap your body with head in a warm blanket and never ever leave this cozy place. And even more: you don't want to stick your arms, neck or shoulders out of the blanket hut. It's b-r-r-r-r!

Blanket with sleeves - and why wasn't it invented earlier?

Пледы с рукавами

A warm blanket with sleeves is something between a bedspread and a robe, but it's even more comfortable and warmer. With this blanket you will be relieved of the need to stick out your hands while working at the computer, reading books, watching movies and eating cookies. Such a blanket will be a great gift for a birthday, housewarming, or before the heating season, when we all become a little polar explorers.

This is truly a Super-Dupers thing because:

  • protects vulnerable parts of the body (in winter  time everything freezes) from the cold;
  • gives hands full freedom of action thanks to the sewn-in sleeves;
  • it does not fall down during active movements;
  • it is very soft - it feels like you are sitting right in a cloud;
  • large, so you can share the warmth with someone else.

Such an unusual blanket will be an excellent gift for a book lover, a film lover, and especially for someone who often works with a laptop at home (blogger, designer, programmer). In a word, this is a super gift for all those who do not deny themselves the pleasure of doing various things, without leaving the soft sofa.

Super-Dupers blankets with a delivery

In our online store of creative gifts, you can buy a variety of blankets with sleeves made of soft and airy fleece or breathable microfiber. They are dense (in no way translucent) and sooo warm.

In the catalog you will find options not only for adult fans of comfort, but also for little ones. There are also a lot of colors: there are blue and black colors for lovers of classics, and there are more creative ones - pink, light green and purple.

The price of this improved product does not differ from the cost of an ordinary blanket, and the advantages are many times greater. We will deliver any blanket to any corner of the USA and Europe.